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Our Programs are VERY Flexible, Deliver Accurate & Transparent Results With Detailed Time and Material Billing Reports

Time and Material PLUS II ®

The T & M Program "APPROVED" for the Property Loss Industry

We have taken over 30 years of property loss experience and compiled feedback from the industry professionals and created a Time and Materials Software program that processes billable data with ease and delivers accurate and transparent billing results. Giving you the confidence that you are billing your bills according the all agreements in place and you will be proud to deliver the fully detailed and support billing package to your clients.

We are very proud of our user base and the companies that have mandated our program as the standard for ALL their Time and Material projects. Our program is getting the attention of everyone from Contractors, National Vendors, and Insurance Companies looking to complete their large loss commercial vendor program. They have found that our program Time and Material PLUS II delivers accurate results based on the requirements of the vendor program and a bill that is aligned to all agreements. Our program Time and Material PLUS II was the program of choice for a National Insurance Carrier who mandated it for their Commercial Large Loss Vendor Program. Get started today and you will see why our programs are used by restoration professionals and chosen as the program for a large loss commercial vendor program.

Time and Material PLUS II ® a Time and Materials Software designed and developed around the Align 1-2-3 system, a very POWERFUL complex set of proven functions and processes that are fully automated and works silently in the background. The safeguards and features that are part of our program Time and Material PLUS II and the Not To Exceed Estimator allow the users the freedom to input the data knowing our program will flag any discrepancies and process the input data into an accurate, transparent and fully detailed Time and Materials Bill. We offer our users more than a billing program, our users get a complete system with a proven process that delivers detailed reports and a fully supported billing package.

Time and Material Training & Consulting

We offer full training and consulting services. In addition to our software program training we offer Time and Material process training for your staff and crews. Our Time and Material consultants will help you develop your Time and Material back room processes including writing your entire SOP and manuals for each process and labor classes with detailed work flow and responsibilities.

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Greg Dillon | Founder | Time and Material Plus II | Billing Software | G&E Software
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Greg Dillon | Founder | Time and Material Plus II | Billing Software | G&E Software

Not To Exceed Estimator™ Program

Serving the Property Loss Industry as "THE ORIGINAL" Not To Exceed Estimator™
as advertised on our websites, brochures and used by property loss professionals Since 2011

The Not To Exceed that you submit could be the difference between an allowed change order for additional charges that were not part of the original Not To Exceed Quote. How do you support your Not To Exceed quote to eliminate this risk? We have the solution and one that provide you the full detailed reports to support your submitted NTE quote. When it comes to Not To Exceed quotes you need to be as detailed as possible and this can be accomplished with our Not To Exceed Estimator™. Our Not To Exceed Estimator™ creates the NTE quote using the same files and format that you will be creating the Time and Material bill. So if you are billing a Time and Material project based on a set of guideline that are governed by an agreement and/or an exhibit that includes your price list, consideration and terms then shouldn't your Not To Exceed Quote follow the same process?

Our Not To Exceed Estimator ™ is a very powerful system that is fully compatible with our time and materials software Time and Material PLUS II. When you use the same files that are will be used to create the Time and Material bill then that gives you the ability to create a very detailed and supported scope with your Not To Exceed Quote. You have to ask yourself this question when you create a Not To Exceed quote should you take a short cut and use a system that puts your entire project and bottom line at risk? Does your current system creates a NTE quote that you may not be able to support when it comes to change orders, etc.. because you used a quick format to create a gross value based on one, two or three factors with little or no details? Or, create a Not To Exceed Quote that aligns you to all agreements and uses the same exact format and platform that you will be billing the client? That is exactly what our system Not To Exceed Estimator provides our users and one that will provide you the full detailed reports to support additional work, change orders, etc...?

Imagine being able to create a Not To Exceed Quote and at the same time the program is creating a fully detailed budget based on the Not To Exceed Quote. The ability to give your Project Managers a fully detailed budget that includes the buyouts for every detail is a tool that is PRICELESS. With our Not To Exceed Estimator it not only delivers a fully detailed NTE quote but it also delivers a fully detailed cost report and a fully detailed budget buyout report.

Here is what one of our users said about our Not To Exceed Estimator™ program.

"As a professional in the Large Loss Insurance Restoration arena, I am often times asked for budgetary numbers on large Time and Materials jobs, before the project can commence. This process used to be a very cumbersome task until the advent of the NTE estimating tool provided by G & E Software. Utilizing the NTE estimating tool, I can now generate a multi-million dollar NTE in a matter of hours versus the days it would previously take. I have known Greg Dillon for many years and his experience in the field with hands on T&M billing and input has allowed him to create a superior tool for the generation of NTE estimates".

Another company has listed the same name "Not To Exceed Estimator"
on their website
We want to make it very clear THIS IS NOT OUR PROGRAM

You can Only Get the Original Not To Exceed Estimator™
You Hear About in the Property Loss Industry Since 2011 from G & E Software
We Do Not Allow Our Programs To be Sold on any other website or company

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Greg Dillon | Founder | Time and Material Plus II | Billing Software | G&E Software

Encompit™ is the "ULTIMATE"
Time and Material Work Flow and
File Management System

Encompit is a cloud based work flow and file management web application with a focus on Time and Material Plus II® files. With Encompit, data is able to be extracted from these files to provide end users with a way to collaborate amongst their workforce, clients, and any other third parties with a series of assets that will prove useful in any work environment.

File management comes with a patent pending revision history and tracking of contributing employees. Have you ever ran into the situation when a bill file becomes incorrect or invalid? With Encompit, you can easily revert back to a previous version of the bill file and even determine date and time of each uploaded revision.

Additionally, you have the option to allow your clients to access Encompit for viewing their related jobs. This provides them the ability to see a “web version” of T&M Plus II bills and other media such as photos, spreadsheets, and more.

We strive to provide key features that compliment your company’s existing work flow. As time progresses, we will be releasing more features and functionality which we expect will continue to reinforce our own mission. File sharing with version control and Corporate-Client sharing is only the beginning of our vision to maximize your ability to be transparent with your clients. Encompit is compatible with most up-to-date computers, smart phones, and tablets allow in you the ability to access your data from a variety of devices any time.

We offer a full API for Encompit so you can integrate into your existing CRM or other software

Greg Dillon | Founder | Time and Material Plus II | Billing Software | G&E Software
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Greg Dillon | Founder | Time and Material Plus II | Billing Software | G&E Software

Insurers, Adjusters, National Companies, Property Managers and Clerks

Time And Material PLUS II® and Encompit™ is the Perfect Fit for
Vendor Programs. Pre-Loss Agreements and Disaster RFP's
We have the User Base of Restoration Companies from coast to coast

Time and Material PLUS II was chosen and MANDATED by an Insurance Carrier for their Commercial Vendor Large Loss Program
Our programs have been chosen by the number of companies in the USA and Canada that are using it for their
day to day and national catastrophe operations for all of their Time and Material projects.

Feature of Time And Materials Plus II | Transparent Billing | 5 Programs 1 Application

The ability to Align all pieces required by RFP's and Agreements for every details of the project, billing and/or vendor program with ALL PARTIES involved. When these are in place and aligned it creates accountability to deliver Accurate and Transparent Time and Materials bill. You deserve the BEST and with Time and Material PLUS II and Encompit you will have a Top Notch Vendor Program

Feature of Time And Materials Plus II | Transparent Billing | 5 Programs 1 Application

Every Vendor program has layers but with Time and Material PLUS II - adjuster / consultant version and Encompit will help you manage those layers. We understand what it takes to have a vendor program and that is why we put a complete vendor program system in your hands. Our experts will train your staff on how to use these programs based on the vendor program requirements. Having Time and Material PLUS II - Adjuster / Consultant Version and Encompit will create instant accountability for all parties involved.

Feature of Time And Materials Plus II | Transparent Billing | 5 Programs 1 Application

Save Cost by using our built in Project/Bill Auditor found in our Time and Material PLUS II® programs. The Project Auditor™ is the best in its class with functions and features that will perform a complete review and audit with just the click of the mouse based on a variety of specifications that will verify and validate the entire bill. Contact us for a LIVE DEMONSTRATION. We are confident you will agree that this feature alone will save you time and money.

Feature of Time And Materials Plus II | Transparent Billing | 5 Programs 1 Application

Built on the ALIGN 123 System designed and developed exclusively for Time and Material Projects to maintain full transparency – ability to convert Contract schedules, terms and other considerations into workable files. To Deliver Accurate, Consistent and Transparent Billings. A protected system that keeps you fully aligned to the project and client requirements.

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Franchisor's and National Networks

We are constantly asked why is it that the large national companies that have a tremendous footprint of franchises and members are not consistent on the programs they use to bill for their services? Most large organizations have a requirement that the restoration company send them the bill for review before it is sent to your client. How many time have you found yourself reviewing different bill formats that an inconsistent from company to company? Are they talking about your organization?

We can help!! Most companies are very persistent when it comes to getting new clients and being persistent leads them to land great contracts, pre-loss agreements, etc.. Then they find themselves in damage control when the clients realize that the companies that service their losses are not consistent when it comes to the how they capture and bill the for the services rendered. In most cases the clients are upset because the billing presentation does not align to the agreements in place.

We have a perfect solution and our programs are being mandated not only by restoration companies and networks but also by national insurance carrier for their vendor programs. It has proven that if you have a mandated program that demands consistency and accountability helps you maintain great client relations. An approved and mandated system creates consistency in not only with the presentation of the bill but also the training across the organization from the office to the field. Consistency creates strong marketing tools and one that will allow you to respond to disaster RFP's and offer blanket pre loss agreements to companies that have offices local to nationwide.

When it comes to consistency our programs are designed to maintain a level of accountability that will allow one to multiple companies to respond to the clients loss and bill the client to the exact terms and considerations of the agreements in place. Even if the responding restoration companies input their own data our system will process this into one file that will be used to bill the client. This can be done quickly and accurately without the worries of losing any of the restoration companies data or they can manage one input for the entire project and still maintain the exact values of each restoration companies participation for the project.

Don't delay contact us today and lets discuss your needs and how we can help you and your organization. We can give you a live demo online or at your office. We will be happy to provide you a side by side comparison of your current system or one that you may be considering. We are confident that we have your solution.

Greg Dillon | Founder | Time and Material Plus II | Billing Software | G&E Software

Designed and Developed by Leading Time and Material Expert in the Property Loss Industry

 With over 30 years of experience as a Restoration Business Owner, General Contractor, Licensed Large Loss Adjuster, Consultant, Time and Material Expert, and Certified Arbitrator. We are here to help you with your Time and Material needs. 

G & E Software is working to educate the industry to recognize Time and Materials Blended billing format as a standard for Large Loss projects and to show value plus benefits to Commercial Vendor Programs and Pre Loss agreements. Our Marketing plans also include to get this format recognized for Residential Structure Mitigation and Content Cleaning.....

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Greg Dillon | Founder | Time and Material Plus II | Billing Software | G&E Software

Outstanding Support

Our support team strives to make your billing process as simple as possible. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us at any time. 

Need further assistance? Visit our Additional Services page to view our Premium Support Options available to you. 

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